Advances in Psychiatry


The Sections of the World Psychiatric Association (currently 73) are the “scientific backbone” of our Association. It is so is documented by the richness, quality, and diversity of activities of the Sections, from research, genetics and psychopharmacology, psychology, psychotherapy, ecology and humanities, scientific meetings and congresses to educational programs, consensus statements, and publications. It is further documented by the production of this fourth volume of state-of-the-art papers by Section Leaders which follows the first volume produced in 2002. Each of the papers included in this volume is an update on the progress achieved in the area covered by each participating section during the last triennium. It is difficult to find such condensed information elsewhere, especially if one considers that these articles have been prepared by worldwide authorities in their field. It is my conviction that the volume will be invaluable as a reference book not only to the Sections and the WPA components but also to the psychiatric community at large. I want to congratulate the editors of this volume and “Advances” have developed into a tradition in the WPA. I would also like to thank our Sections for their contributions, which represent the state of the art of psychiatric development. I am confident that the volume will contribute immensely to much needed dissemination of scientific information in our field and that it will be received enthusiastically

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