Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


biochemistry and molecular biology major, you will be a part of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, which ranks high nationally and internationally in several areas of research, such as protein engineering, structural biology and genetic code expansion technology. You will find yourself learning in an innovative, multidisciplinary curriculum that provides thorough training in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, chemistry, molecular genetics, physics and statistics. You will study molecular and cellular processes connected with aging, disease and oncogenesis as well as learn how the concepts of molecular biology inform research approaches. You will also acquire training in fundamental and state-of-the-art molecular biological experimental strategies, bioinformatics and computer-based analysis of protein structures. You can choose from three options, offering you the flexibility to design your education to match your career goals: Advanced Molecular Biology, Computational Molecular Biology and Pre-Medicine. Alongside a faculty mentor, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge laboratory research projects in medical science, cell biology, genomics, biotechnology, drug development, toxicology and other fields. Thanks to rigorous research experiences, biochemistry and molecular biology majors are well prepared for medical and dental schools, graduate schools, pharmacy schools and are extremely well-qualified for jobs in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors

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