English Phonetics and Phonology A practical course


In previous editions I have used the Preface as a place to thank all the people who have helped me with the book. My debt to them, which in some cases dates back more than twenty-five years, remains, and I have put copies of the Prefaces to the first three editions on the new website of the book so that those acknowledgements are not lost and forgotten. In this new edition, I would like firstly to thank Professor Nobuo Yuzawa of the Takasaki City University of Economics for his wise suggestions and his meticulous and expert scrutiny of the text, which have been invaluable to me. Any errors that remain are entirely my fault. At Cambridge University Press, I would like to thank Jane Walsh, Jeanette Alfoldi, Liz Driscoll, Anna Linthe, Clive Rumble and Brendan Wightman. As in all previous editions, I want to thank my wife Helen for all her help and support

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