Understanding Modern Electronics


Electronic devices underlie virtually every aspect of modern life. Yet very few of us have any idea of how they actually work. Now, get a working explanation of the principles the electronic circuits and devices you use every day. In these 24 clear and easily accessible lectures, you’ll examine how these devices work, bypassing much of the higher mathematics without sacrificing functional and theoretical understanding. You’ll get clear introductions to technology including transformers, transistors, capacitors, diodes, resistors, and semiconductors. You’ll also learn: the basics of circuit construction; how to read a circuit diagram; the inner workings of engineering instruments such as voltmeters, multimeters, and oscilloscopes; the role played by transistors in controlling electric currents; how capacitors can be employed to reduce and filter electronic “noise” in circuits; and much more. These lectures also provide the tools necessary for ambitious learners to get hands-on experience with the workings of electronics and build their own devices using inexpensive and readily available components. You’ll be provided with example problems and small projects to try, using a pen and paper or online circuit simulators. You’re free to work through the solutions on your own to test your skills, or work alongside award-winning professor Richard Wolfson. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, an enthusiastic tinkerer, or simply intellectually curious, these lectures will demystify the behavior and inner circuitry of electronic devices and inspire you to see technology in a new light

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